Each issue we interview one of the amazing members of the SCG Team!  This issue our Featured Colleague is BOB!

Q: Bob, you have joined Smith Consulting Group to continue your impressive career in the world of FinTech. Can you tell us why you have chosen SCG?

A:  Quite simply, SCG was a perfect fit.  I have known our CEO, Darren Smith, for years and was well-aware of SCG’s stellar reputation in the industry.   My knowledge and experience aligned well with some of the new service offerings SCG was planning, and I am glad SCG has given me this opportunity. 



Q: Your focus has been in the areas of Nautilus and Fiserv Signature. Can you tell us how you came to dedicate your expertise to these products?

A: It all started in 1996 when I took a new role being an Account Manager for Fiserv’s Check and Statement Imaging solution.  There I learned so much about imaging and core integrations.   I then performed several roles in services, and ultimately was asked to lead the product management team for the check archive product.  A few years later, when the lead product manager role for the high-growth Nautilus became open, again I was asked if I would be interested in that role.  I jumped on it and stayed with Nautilus all the way up to my last year with Fiserv.


Q: What are some of the most exciting changes you see on the horizon for the world of FinTech?

A: Increased efficiency through automation.  FIs are asked to grow their market share with only incremental increases in staff, requiring institutions to become more efficient.  Workflow, Case Management, and of course, AI solutions are the tools to help get them there.  In my opinion, AI solutions in FinTech are just in their infancy, and have a long successful road ahead of them.  Currently, the use cases have not caught up with the number of solution options out there but will improve over time.


Q: What advice would you give someone who is just starting their career in this industry?
If you want to start a career in an industry where there is never a dull moment, FinTech is the industry for you.  There are so many facets to it: technology, software development, product management, risk, sales, etc.  What you do at the beginning of your career could be so different later on down the road…and you can have a bunch of fun doing it!


Q: When you do have some time away from the office, what does a perfect day look like for you?

A:  A perfect day away from the office involves some kind of outdoor activity: “glamping”, golf, trail hiking, cycling, etc. Many times, my wife and I travel to our getaway destinations in our RV.